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Insurance Resources
A collection of helpful, informational articles about your commercial insurance coverage

Anchorpoint Insurance is a locally-based independent agency ready to serve you. We partner with leading insurance carriers to provide comprehensive coverage solutions for businesses and corporations of all sizes. Contact a Anchorpoint Insurance agent or call toll free at (855) 805-2269 or (210) 640-7050 for more information today.

Business continuity planning helps to mitigate unexpected risks
Part of risk management is planning for unforeseen disasters. Use these tips to help prepare and plan for the safety of your business and your employees.

Protection in the event of a data breach
High-profile cyber attacks on companies have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime. Read about the benefits of cyber liability coverage.

Critical coverage for every organization
The frequency of director and officer liability exposures, and the amount of damage awards are rapidly increasing, leaving no organization safe from claims. Learn how Directors and Officers coverage can help.

Umbrella coverage fills in your company's coverage gaps
Just as you carry an umbrella to protect you from a potential downpour, umbrella coverage protects your company from the types of claims that could close your business.

Protect your team from injury with safety awareness

Safety matters so it is important to spot unsafe conditions that could lead to work-related injuries.  Learn steps to take to avoid slips and falls in the workplace.